Fly Shop of Tennessee, Inc

While traveling through Johnson City, Tennessee I had the opportunity to visit the Fly Shop of Tennessee. I had located the Fly Shop of TN on the internet while doing research for a Tennessee tailwaters trip.

This is a fly shop to go out of your way to see.

These are people worth listening too.

The shop is absolutely perfectly arranged and stocked. The staff is thoroughly knowledgeable on local conditions. There is one large room dedicated to fly-tying materials.

Have you ever gone into a fly shop to ask for local information? Did they point in this or that direction? Or maybe gave you some chicken scratches on the back of a hamburger wrapper? Because what you really needed to do was to hire their guide.

At the Fly Shop of Tennessee they do it differently. For about six dollars you purchase a Tri-Cities Regional road map that details all of the back roads and shows all of the rivers and streams. Then they spend about 15 or 20 minutes with hi-liters and pens and mark up your map with detailed notes and instructions (including where the best hamburger is made).

The fly shop is easy to find and easy to miss at the same time. When going north from Johnson City on route 19W-11E, the fly shop is on the corner of Willmary Road and route 19W-11E. Willmary Rd is the first left after crossing the Watauga River. Approximately five miles from I-26

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