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Welcome to PeterSpirito.com

Life is good and should be shared.

As I have surfed the Internet, I have had the opportunity to share in others experiences.  I have had hours of enjoyment reading cycling-touring journals at CrazyGuyonaBike.com and following Appalachian Trail thru hikers on their travels at WhiteBlaze.net. I have honed my woodworking skills at SawmillCreek.org, solved auto restoration problems at FordBarn.com, and generally been entertained at JimForeman.com.

The motivation for PeterSpirito.com came from Jim Foreman whose prolific writings and adventures inspired me to put fingers to keyboard and record and share my own adventures and share the knowledge I have acquired pursuing the hobbies I enjoy.

Stories and photos are great but go nowhere without a well thought out and functional web site.  The creation of this site was possible because the cost to produce the site was very reasonable thanks to Scissortail Web Designs.


My wish for you is to be entertained, informed and inspired to share.

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